numismatics - a hobby for the older generations or sustainable profit from collecting coins over time?

Can coin collecting become a smart investment?

Yes! We developed numindex to dispel the myth, that collecting coins (numismatics) is a hobby for elderly and wealthy people with plenty of time & know-how

We believe that anyone can start just now and create a profitable coin collection in no time

We aim to help individuals to grow their sustainable alternative investment in coins

We have reinvented coins collecting –

making it fit our digital times


the numismatic coin market index (numindex) is a group of 30 coins, which circulated across europe
all 30 coins within numindex have been precisely selected by european numismatists to ensure them being relevant, affordable and profitable. numindex shows price development of the mentioned set starting from 2018 up till today. it enables a comparison of all coin prices from the index and to track the performance of the collection over time. General rules used for calculating numindex and details of each coin (including visuals) are available under coins.

numindex value is expressed in points. to learn how we calculate numindex, read the white paper.

Latest trade prices of the index portfolio

Use this calculator to estimate the total value of your numindex coins
Coin Code Date Value chf
Coin Code Date Value chf

Did you know…

… that the smallest gold coin in the world comes from croatia? it weighs only 0.05 grams and has a diameter of 1.99 millimetres?

… that the heaviest coin in the world is the australian kangaroo and it weights one tonne of pure gold?

… that a massive 100 kilogram coin was stolen from the bode museum in berlin? the thieves freed the coin from its bulletproof-glass case, pushed along train rails to a neighbouring park, where a getaway car awaited?

white papers

how numindex works, what coins constitute the index portfolio, calculation method
Read the Whitepaper.

numindex – the missing link between collecting coins as a hobby and investing in numismatics. The first step to track prices of coins over time in a modern way.


Lesen Sie das Whitepaper auf Deutsch.

numindex – das fehlende Element zwischen Sammeln von Münzen als Hobby und Investition in die Numismatik. Ein erster Schritt, um die Münz-Preise im Laufe der Zeit auf moderne Weise zu verfolgen.


Leggi il whitepaper in italiano.

numindex - l'anello mancante tra collezionare monete come passione e investire nella numismatica. Un primo passo per monitorare i prezzi delle monete nel tempo in modo moderno.

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numindex – brakujące ogniwo pomiędzy hobbistycznym zbieraniem monet a inwestowaniem w numizmatykę. Pierwszy krok do śledzenia cen monet w czasie w nowoczesnej odsłonie.

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